There comes a point in time in every organization when the software that is being utilized is costing more money to use than it is worth.  There also comes a point where the software isn't working or doing the job that you need to accomplish.  At Phoenix Consultants Group, we understand how frustrating and expensive this can be!


We design, develop and implement Custom Websites, Access Databases, Excel Spreadsheets, Data Collection Forms, Calculation Engines and Data Intensive solutions.  


Our extensive 25 years of experience and proven     

track record provides you with the resource you

need to get your software up and running!


Why Consider Phoenix Consultants Group for Your Project 


500+ Projects writtenand deployed worldwide

  25 years experience in Programming, Analysis and Data Solutions


1 on 1Client Support

 Complete Hosting and Software Integration in ONE Place

Environmental  *  Government  *  Non-Profits  * Oil Industry *  Textile Industries

   Retail Sales * Military * Financial Sector * Health Care

     We specialize in creating your software and meeting your specific needs and goals in a cost effective manner.  Whether it is a small job fixing your database or spreadsheets, or a large job of creating a calculation engine or  data collection portal, Phoenix Consultants Group has the expertise you need.

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