PCG has designed thousands of forms for a myriad of purposes, such as:

  • Tracking inventory and/or specialty items
  • Consolidating information
  • Scheduling equipment, personnel, deliveries and more
  • Optimizing your workflow and process flow
  • Eliminating repetitive tasks in data entry on multiple systems
  • Integrating your software
  • Creating middle-ware components to link multiple systems together
  • Automation of manual tasks

Features to look for in well designed forms :

  • "User Friendly" - designed for the client from beginner to sophisticated specialist
  • Protect your data from inadvertent deletion or edit errors
  • Provide log-in capabilities to control access to specified data for diverse users
  • Accelerate data entry through maximization of entering on the data you need(????)
  • Reduce/eliminate duplication

We guide you through determining what features will provide optimum efficiency for both data entry and retrieval