Cropped Allison

In 1983, Allison Woolbert began programming for the United States Air Force as a statistical data analyst.  As a pioneer in the newly developing personal PC arena, Allison produced applications that tracked statistics and managed a fleet of 28 highly sophisticated aircraft.  Over time, Allison has developed hundreds of applications for small business, non-profits, fortune 500 corporations, law enforcement and the military.  Utilizing her extensive experience and knowledge of database architectures, systems and business analysis, project management and program creation, Allison has excelled at producing custom software applications for over 25 years.


In 1995, after working for many large and small firms, Allison began Phoenix Consultants Group that provides specialized custom software applications.  Today, Phoenix Consultants Group has produced over 500 software applications that manage some of the worlds most important data. 

Here are a few examples of the scope of work that we have accomplished:

    • Automated credentialing of thousands of Financial Planners with the Security Exchange Commissions regulations to insure those recommending financial futures to the public were trained and credentialed to provide qualified financial planning services.
    • Automated Risk management assessments of oil pumping stations throughout the world to insure compliance with the highest standards of environmental protection insuring that maintenance was accomplished on over 3,000 marine terminals worldwide.
    • Documentation Management Systems that hold formula sheets, change management and key secure information for oil Paramins manufacturing
    • Conversion of Police data for millions of records into newer database systems
    • Management of entire sales force reporting through automated programs for over 100,000  sales employees
    • Automated manpower realignment of corporate sales force to allow for better distribution of product line (Over 50,000 employees worldwide)
    • Tracking pesticide misuse and manufacturing throughout the east coast insuring Environmental Compliance for a green planet
    • Tracking the licensing of pesticide manufacturers and compliance of their creation of safe worker environments
    • On site monitoring for Asbestos and Toxic Waste removal data application insuring  planning, implementation and proper tracking of each stage of this hazardous waste removal from schools and other public areas
    • SWAT Team monitoring nationwide of experiences to insure safe practices, knowledge sharing and capabilities
    • Worldwide shipping container receivership monitoring the comings and goings of thousands of shipping containers at one of the worlds largest receiverships
    • Monitoring and tracking a specialized application that creates medical filtration tubes for all related medical uses worldwide.